Hobie Fishing Kayak Rentals

Hobie Fishing Kayak Rentals

Hobie Fishing Kayaks are Available!

A Hobie fishing kayak is the perfect vessel to rent for fishing: Stealthy and efficient. These kayaks are equipped with a pedal drive system providing anglers a stable, hands-free fishing experience. The Hobie kayak is used only for fishing and is a great way to save time going to and from fishing spots. Tarpon Bay Explorers also offers fishing equipment rentals. Bait, fishing licenses and additional tackle can be purchased separately. Fishing licenses are required for those 16 years of ago or older and may be purchased ahead of time at gooutdoorsflorida.com. RESERVATIONS RECOMMENDED (CALL 239-472-8900). Reservations are taken up to 1 week in advance.


  • For Fishing ONLY
  • Persons 16 years of age or older must purchase a Florida saltwater fishing license: gooutdoorsflorida.com
  • Those under 18 must be accompanied by an adult 18 or older
  • No Swimming, snorkeling or getting out of the motorized canoe
  • All of Tarpon Bay Explorers’ Equipment must stay within Tarpon Bay
  • www.gooutdoorsflorida.com


Did You Know?

There are many species of fish that inhabit Tarpon Bay including sharks and stingrays. Sharks are essential apex predators that keep fish populations in check. These animals are incredible in the sense (no pun intended) that sharks have more than five senses. One of their additional senses is called electroreception. This allows sharks to detect prey that emit electrical impulses. Though the media sometimes portrays these animals as vicious killers, these animals rarely come into dangerous contact with humans. Statistically speaking, falling coconuts pose a greater threat to humans than sharks. Smaller shark species that have been caught or found in Tarpon Bay include bonnethead, blacktip and nurse sharks.